• Equinoz’s artwork, ‘Cybernetics’ was sold out in 4 minutes on the playNomm NFT Marketplace at a buyout of US$16,000.
• This artwork was released as a pre-drop event for the upcoming ‘NFT Korea Festival’ set to be held in March.
• The NFT Korea Festival is a collaboration between Superchief Gallery NFT and is expected to be one of the largest gathering of NFT industry and Web 3.0 leaders in Asia.

Equinoz’s Artwork Sold Out In 4 Minutes

On January 31st, an auction on playNomm NFT marketplace began for a pre-drop edition of an artwork from Equinoz, one of Superchief Gallery NFT artists. This ‚Cybernetics‘ artwork was bought out just four minutes into the auction with a buyout price of US$16,937.

About Equinoz

Equinoz is an active artist creating delicate images between virtual and reality under the theme of „Visible Future“. He sells his artworks on many other platforms such as Open Sea and Super Rare, and also works in various fields including games, commercial videos, music, clothing brands etc.

Pre-Drop Event For Upcoming NFT Korea Festival

This ‚Cybernetics‘ artwork was revealed as part of the second pre-drop event for the upcoming „NFT Korea Festival“ which will take place in March 7th – 8th 2023 at DDP Seoul. There will be over 120 pieces of artworks from both global and Korean artists displayed during this two day festival alongside renowned web 3.0 leaders who will share their thoughts and views about this space.

PlayNomm NFT Marketplace

PlayNomm is the first service platform for LeisureMetaverse project where people can buy authentic digital assets such as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It offers buyers secure access to purchase rare digital assets through its marketplace thus promoting creativity within this space.


The success story behind Equinoz’s ‚Cybernetics‘ being sold out within 4 minutes shows how popular digital art has become among collectors worldwide along with valuable insights into how important it is to have reliable platforms like PlayNomm which provides secure access to purchase these assets without any hassle or frauds involved. The upcoming NFT Korea Festival promises to bring together some of the most influential figures within this space thus offering further potential benefits for everyone involved in it!