• Bitcoin wallets with 10+ BTC have increased 71% since February 2022.
• Total bitcoin holdings within this cohort remain largely stagnant.
• Wallets in this category now account for nearly 23% of supply.

Bitcoin Addresses with 10+ BTC on the Rise

The number of bitcoin wallets holding 10 or more BTC has seen a dramatic increase over the last year, growing by 71%. According to crypto analytics platform Santiment, 10,279 new addresses have joined the cohort between February 2022 and March 2023. These wallets cumulatively hold 4.4 million BTC, accounting for roughly 23% of supply.

All-Time Highs Approaching

The number of bitcoin wallets with 10 or more BTC is currently at 155,000 – just 2,000 less than the all-time high recorded in September 2019. The overall percentage of available coins held by these wallets is rather stagnant, but they are slowly closing in on those highs as more and more addresses join their ranks.

Distribution Data

On-chain data also reveals interesting insights into how bitcoin is distributed among its holders. 139,864 wallets currently hold between 10-100 bitcoin, totaling over 4.43 million coins for 23% of supply. An additional 14,033 wallets have 100-1000 BTC for just over 20%, equaling 3.9 million coins in total. Largest whales with 1k-10k and 10k-100k bitcoin holdings, number 1,906 and 112 respectively and cumulatively own 6.9 million bitcoins – approximately 35% of the total supply.

Bear Market Impact

Although cryptocurrency prices fell sharply during the bear market of 2022 which saw massive contagion across the industry – an interesting trend was observed regarding wallet numbers holding 10+ bitcoins; it kept rising despite falling markets prices and economic turmoil brought on by pandemic lockdowns worldwide..


It appears that even during unfavorable market conditions investors remain confident in Bitcoin’s long term potential; steadily increasing their holdings regardless of short term price volatility or global financial uncertainty